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FIRST TEAM Portable Adjustable Height
Hurricane System
Storm System
Thunder System
Fury System
Rampage System
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FIRST TEAM Fixed Height In-ground
RuffNeck System
Renegade System
Tyrant System
Legend Jr System
Legend System
(Res.) Sport System
(Res.) Legacy System
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SuperMount 46
SuperMount 68
SuperMount 80
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Ceiling/Wall Systems
Ceiling Upgrades
Wall Upgrades
Height Adjusters

FIRST TEAM Adjustable Height In-ground
Attack System
Force System
Titan System
(Res.) PowerHouse560
(Res.) PowerHouse660
(Res.) PowerHouse672
(Res.) Champ System
(Res.) Slam System
(Res.) Vector System
(Res.) Jam System
(Res.) RoofMaster
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Hoops, Rims & Goals
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Ball Storage Lockers
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Wall/Column Padding
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Tip N' Roll Bleachers

Competition Grade Soccer Goals

Competition/Recreational Volleyball Systems

Tip n Roll Portable Bleachers

First Team System Consultant :
Tom Nicotera - Toll Free: 877.272.5430

San Diego Basketball Goals features only competition-grade, commercial/institutional-level basketball systems that are affordably priced for your organization or institution. All of the systems offered here are guaranteed to provide the durability and playability required for high-level competition at the institution/organized competition level.

PRICE / SHIPPING PROMOTIONS: You'll find dealers that will match my price on FIRST TEAM and BARBARIAN systems but no one will quote an initial price as low as you will find on this site. I hope that incentive will encourage you to bring us your business. I deal exclusively from manufacturer to end user so margins are minimal. Eliminating time haggling saves everyone time and money.

My goal is to make purchasing these systems as trouble-free as possible for you, from purchase to delivery to installation.

BE AWARE: Many manufacturers offer warranties on their residential/private-consumer systems that are VOIDED if the system is used at the institution level/public use facility. Residential/private-consumer systems are designed for single family dwelling use.

GROUPS and ORGANIZATIONS: In addition to the lowest price on the systems themselves, freight is where I can save you money, particularly on multi-unit purchases. I find the best freight rate possible on an individual order basis so you get the best price possible on the system and the lowest freight.

PRIVATE CONSUMERS WELCOME: These systems will make outstanding home courts. Pricing you receive when you fill out the form on the various system pages are check/cash prices. I also have lighter weight FIRST TEAM systems that carry lifetime and 20-year warranties if budget restrictions apply. I don't list them on this site as they are warranted for residential use and should not be installed on public use facilities.

PAYMENT OPTIONS: To keep the prices affordable for your institution or organization, I require payment for these systems by check. I can submit the necessary documents for your financial department to release the funds. Credit cards (Visa/MC) are accepted but are subject to an additional charge of 4% to cover credit card processing fees.

INSTALLATION: All systems come with clear installation instructions. In addition, I can provide direct contact with the manufacturer engineers that design the systems should you have any questions. I also have a source for 3rd party installers that can assist in that regard, should you not have the resources on your end. All of these systems can be installed by anyone with minimal experience following mechanical instructions.

RETURNS: It's never happened that a customer has returned a system but if it does, the customer is liable for the return shipping expense, the actual original shipping expense and 50% restock fee. I will take the time to make sure that the system we send you is the correct system for your needs so this will not be an issue. Applies to complete systems only.

Lifetime Limited (LL)
Covers any damage caused by normal basketball activity and normal player contact with the goal. "Normal basketball activity" and "Normal player contact" shall be described as any action that is necessary for participation in the game of basketball. Deliberate hanging on the rim, multiple player hanging, and vandalism are not covered under the Limited Warranty.

20-Year Limited (20L)
Same as above for a period of 20 years.
Lifetime Superior (LS)
Covers any damage or failure caused by any type of basketball activity or related contact with the unit. This includes deliberate hanging on the rim as well as multiple player hanging. The Superior Warranty does not cover vandalism.
Lifetime Unconditional (LU)
Covers any damage or failure that occurs for any reason. Any product carrying an Unconditional Warranty is exempt from the previously stated limitations.

Note: Any normal wear and tear caused by weathering or UV exposure is not covered under any First Team warranty. All painted items carry a one year limited warranty on coating.



Durable, dependable basketball systems affordably priced and designed for slightly lighter use than public, unsupervised play. Recommended for private family, supervised use.

Residential FIXED height
Residential ADJUSTABLE height

The majority of the deals I put together for my customers are for multi-unit purchases. Given that, I can negotiate better shipping rates from the various freight carriers, Yellow, FedEx, ASIA.

Private consumer orders and single-unit orders are welcome and encouraged! You'll get the same great unit price and the lowest possible cost on freight.

DON'T BE FOOLED by system pricing that includes FREE freight. I can beat those prices by hundreds.

Hands down the RuffNeck System; in-ground, fixed-height, is the most cost-effective for public, outdoor use. 20-year warranty, nice board size, very cost-effective. RuffNeck systems ship for as little as $110 depending on location. RuffNeck systems ship for as little as $110 depending on location.

For a little nicer looking system with a bit more functionality, consider the Legend and the Legend Jr.

Adjustable Height: You can't go wrong with any. Most cost-effective is the Attack System but the move up to the Force System or Titan System gets you not only larger board size options, but also the Lifetime Superior Warranty.

Portables: The Fury System is the most commonly sold system to church groups and youth groups, and any organization type where you know, more or less, who's going to play on it. It's heavy enough for aggressive adult play and more than stable enough for youth play. Lifetime Limited Warranty covers everything basketball related, including dunking, but not the SHAQ hang on the rim gorilla slam.

For aggressive play or high-level competition play, go up to the Storm System or Thunder System. They are heavier so can support a larger board (glass) and they come with a Lifetime Superior Warranty. Everything is covered.

Please contact me via this web site or give a call toll free if I can answer any questions. I assure you I can put you in the best system for your needs and no one will be more helpful as you sort through sourcing your systems.

Tom Nicotera

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